Treated Me Like a Friend

“In late 2015, I was in need of a lawyer who could help me. Looking on the internet and asking friends if they knew any great ones was looking pretty bad. Then my younger brother told me about a lawyer who helped him out earlier. Now, knowing my brother’s situation and what I was facing made the initial phone call one of the easiest choices I’ve made. Brett Metcalf listened to my story as a person – not a lawyer. After telling me what he thought of it shortly after. Instantly redeeming my thoughts on the situation at hand. And then he went into lawyer mode and told me what I needed to hear. No sugar-coating.

It was tough hearing the negative side, but at the same time, it gave me the utmost confidence in him, because he didn’t look at me as a client but more as a person who was in a difficult situation that he could help. We’ve all seen movies about that one lawyer that took a case that was more than a docket number. The lawyer that invested a little more time and effort. That’s what Brett did. He worked diligently on keeping me updated on dates, allegations, and offers from the other participants involved. Even once calling me while on vacation to update me.

That to me meant a lot. I never thought twice about fees, because the level of confidence I had made it all worth it. The outcome was in my favor, and Brett even knocked off a little bit at the end. In my personal opinion as a veteran military police officer, he wasn’t just a lawyer. He treated me like a friend. If anyone is ever in need of someone who can truly help them, Brett Metcalf is the man to call. I feel kind of bad because I enjoyed working with him, but won’t be able to cause it was a one-time deal for me. He is no nonsense, straight up, nitty gritty – and that’s what I needed. I can never thank him enough for what he did. Hands down the best person for the job. Thank you Brett Metcalf. Still going strong because of you.”