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Brett is the best attorney I’ve ever had. I would recommend his services to anyone in need.
Pink Taylor

True Professional

“Brett is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who is a straight shooter, hard worker, and always willing to go the extra mile to fight for his clients. I’ve had to use him two separate times and was more than pleased with the outcomes in both cases. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs help with any legal issues – big or small. Brett is overall a true professional.”

Knowledgeable & Friendly

“Mr. Metcalf is very knowledgeable, friendly, and on top of things. In the midst of my confusion and thoughts of the worst possible outcome, Mr. Metcalf took charge and handled the situation with professionalism and tact. I am very pleased with the results! There is justice in the world.”

Amazing Job

“He did an amazing job for me in Polk County! When I got involved in a situation that needed a criminal lawyer, I was terrified. Having only lived in Florida a few years, I was not prepared for the complexity of my situation. I didn’t need to worry, because I was able to meet with Brett and tell him what was most important to me, and what I desired. And he was able to deliver. He has stayed in communication with me since my case resolved, and I highly recommend his services!”

Best Attorney I Ever Had

“Brett is the best attorney I’ve ever had. I would recommend his services to anyone in need. Most lawyers just want the money, ignore your calls, and settle for deals. Not Brett! He answered and returned every call! Every penny spent was worth it! He is a fighter! And will fight for you! My husband had a VOP and was looking at time. Brett got the VOP dismissed! Brett will be our lawyer for life!”

Very Good

“He was very helpful in getting my case taken care of. He was able to get me just community service hours instead of having to go to court. He even called me to keep updated on my progress. He got right to the point and got things done very fast!”

Can’t Go Wrong With Brett

“Brett was very helpful with my case. He was instrumental in getting my case resolved much to my satisfaction. He kept me informed and explained everything concerning the case. I would definitely recommend him anyone in need.”

Brett is Very Accessible and Responsive!

“Brett was recommended to me by another attorney as a trustworthy and professional attorney, and he fulfilled our every expectation. Brett was very proactive in getting me information and the progress in my case, and was able to settle my case in two weeks without me having to go to court!”

Brett is a Very Informed and Professional Attorney

“I hired Brett to help with my son’s court case and was extremely pleased with the overall experience. Brett always kept me informed regarding all proceedings. He was very accessible via e-mail and phone whenever I needed to reach him. He possesses great knowledge of the law, answered all of my questions, and handled my son’s case with great knowledge and professionalism. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend him to help with any legal problems. Thanks, Brett!”

I Would Hire Him Again

“My son has been to prison once. He got out, and got right back into trouble with drugs, and also has two drunk driving charges, with a violation of probation. He originally had a public defender, who said he must go back to prison for five years. My son pleaded with me to get him a real lawyer, so I asked around in my circle of friends to see if anyone knew of a good criminal defense lawyer in Tampa.

I heard about Brett Metcalf, and I looked into hiring him. He allowed me to pay him in two payments. As soon as I made the first payment, he went to the jail to see my son.

My son had several misdemeanors, as well as a felony charge – in two separate jurisdictions. Brett was able to get everything handled in one courtroom, and negotiated with the State Prosecutors for a great plea bargain deal that included the all-so-important drug and alcohol treatment my son needed!

My son was released from jail, and got to go into an inpatient drug treatment program, instead of going back to prison for five years! He is currently in that program, and is doing wonderful!

This is not the first time I have hired a Tampa criminal defense attorney for my son. The last two lawyers I hired for him took our money, but never delivered the results they promised. One of these lawyers actually said, “your son needs to go to prison,” after he took nearly $5,000 of our money.

Brett kept both my son (who was in jail), and myself updated constantly throughout the entire Hillsborough County, Florida criminal court process.

As I said before, my son had criminal charges (misdemeanors) in Plant City, Florida Court, and felony charges in Tampa. Brett was able to get all charges heard by the felony court judge in Tampa! This alone saved my son months of unneeded jail time!

Both my son and I are extremely happy with Brett Metcalf, and his fees were reasonable as well.”