Dedicated & Sincere

“Previous to our need for an attorney, my wife and I had never met Mr. Metcalf. We had been referred to him by another attorney. From day one Mr. Metcalf was friendly, outgoing, and very comfortable to talk to and be with. Mr. Metcalf remained in constant contact with us from the time we decided to let him handle our case. He is very knowledgeable and explained the entire process to us in words we could understand, and always took the time to answer any questions. Mr. Metcalf had us meet with him to go over information completely and in detail so that we could make any decisions necessary. We were never in the dark about anything.

This case involved infractions for DUI, open container, weaving, and driving too slow. The outcome of the case was reckless driving, adjudication withheld, and a few comparatively minor requirements to fulfill. The financial impact this case would have had on us would have crippled us for some time to come. The fee we paid was well worth the dedication and sincerity provided to us.

We are very pleased not only with the outcome that Brett’s knowledge and experience on both sides of the courtroom brought to this case, but also the relationship Mr. Metcalf built with us throughout the whole course of this case. Mr. Brett Metcalf is a name and phone number we will be sure to store in our contacts to share with our friends and family and also – just in case.

Thank you so much, Mr. Metcalf.”