New York Police Commissioner’s Amnesty Proposal Makes Sense for Florida

The New York Police Commissioner has proposed granting amnesty to the 1.2 million people with active warrants for low-level offenses. This would mean people who have warrants due to failing to appear in court for things like public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or failing to pay traffic tickets would have their slates wiped clean.

In today’s climate of “convict, fine, and imprison now, ask questions later” this seems like a radical idea. Surely we don’t need people accused of loitering and other such heinous crimes roaming the streets without an active warrant. Besides, what if you encounter such a crazed, debased miscreant, maybe one who’s been accused of underage drinking? What if the police never come?

Let’s be serious for a minute. How many people in Florida have active arrest warrants for something as minor failing to pay a court fine? How many tax dollars are wasted trying to find and prosecute people who were accused of an open container violation? The answer won’t shock you: too many.

Obviously an amnesty program shouldn’t include people accused of serious crimes or who pose a danger to themselves or others. But the people accused of riding a bicycle while black? Let it go.