Florida Ranks 2nd, After Texas, In Hot Car Related Deaths For Children

29 kids have died after being left in a hot car in the United States this year. Florida is second only behind Texas in hot car deaths. According to an article from WTSP Tampa Bay’s 10News (link below).

“You know it’s hot outside I don’t really talk about all the time these days and do you know when you get your car morning or late at night it is so hot deadly in do you know if you hear let your car or your child’s left in your car or your pets and can be deadly and the temperatures rise very very quickly case in point is to head over to the big one year because this is what was I talking about just how quickly the temperatures inside your car can one part of the thousand times before but we’re gonna tell you at least one more time today how quickly temperature card and what temperature is outside right now right around 90° it only takes 10 minutes for the temperature inside your car to warm up to one 110° that’s 10 minutes within 30 minutes temperatures skyrocket from their 90° outside 30 minutes inside your call you’re talk about temperatures inside your car in the least 125° sometimes we see 95° outside and look at the temperatures inside your car around 1No we want to walk you through that and show you that you’re just see how dangerous that can be for a child unfortunately children being left in hot cars happens way too 29 kids have died this year alone when kids follow sleep in the car it suddenly gets very quiet and you may forget that they are even their faces of children who died after being left in a hot car on average one child dies every nine days Laura is second behind Texas for hot card since 1998 more than 700 children die inside a car from heatstroke and with him having these debts the caregiver just forgot the child was i’ll car can heat up to 90° in just 10 minutes. Just watches for that young children are particularly at risk if that’s because of bodies hit up 3 to 5 times faster than an adult and today stay troopers DCF and have a fire rescue they teamed up to remind all of us just how dangerous it is to leave a child in a car they reenacted what it takes to rescue a child from a hot car the key is really to set up reminders of that if you do you have your child in the back of the car that you have plenty of ways that she can keep yourself do you have a child back there the slightest change in routine and can cause the person that’s driving that hot forgot that I have a child in the backseat of the car thing to keep in mind look before you left because most often as a parent child in the car they didn’t know it was out of the routine of what they were doing that day and they just forget so look before getting into a routine maybe it will change just be the routine is to look in the backseat that’s the part of the team to make sure you haven’t left your child in the car.”

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