Florida Attorneys Can Advise Clients on Medical Marijuana

The state constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana in Florida goes to the voters this November. If the new law is passed, medical marijuana will be legal, but many questions remain about the way the new laws will work. In the meantime the Florida Bar has passed a Rule clarifying that attorneys may advise their clients about the legal use or sale of medical marijuana even though it will still be illegal under federal law. This is important because the Bar Rules also prohibit attorneys from counseling or assisting clients from doing illegal activities.

If you are seeking to open a medical marijuana business you can have an attorney help you incorporate and draw up the legal papers necessary to start your business. If you are prescribed medical marijuana, you can seek an attorney’s advice about the legal uses of the drug.

If you have any questions about the medical marijuana amendment and how it may affect you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.