Domestic Violence Injunctions in Tampa: What You Need To Know

If you are named in a domestic violence injunction, defend yourself with help from a reputable domestic violence attorney. Domestic violence injunctions alone can have a devastating effect on your life. The impact of a domestic violation or injunction conviction is far worse.

Continue reading to learn more about what happens if you are a defendant in a domestic violence injunction in Tampa.

Types of Domestic Violence Injunctions

There are several different types of domestic violence injunctions in Florida. Contrary to popular belief, injunctions are not just restraining orders. Some of the different kinds of domestic violence injunctions include:

  • Protective orders
  • Restraining orders
  • Domestic violence injunctions
  • Repeat violence injunctions
  • Sexual violence injunctions

Temporary & Final Injunctions

Judges grant domestic violence injunctions when someone files a complaint and fears for their safety. The court may issue a temporary or final protection order.

What is a Temporary Injunction?

Also called an ex parte injunction, temporary injunctions grant immediate protection to the petitioner and their family. These orders do not require a hearing for the petition to be given.

How Long is a Temporary Order in Effect?

The order will only be in effect for a maximum of 15 consecutive days. The court will order a hearing to determine if a final injunction should be granted.

What Conditions Do Final Injunctions Have?

Final injunctions will have the exact stipulations of the temporary injunction. These might include a no-contact order, requirements that you stay away from the petitioner, and other provisions.

What Happens if a Domestic Violence Injunction is Taken Out Against You?

Once a temporary domestic violence injunction is issued against you, there will be a hearing. This hearing will be your opportunity to show the court that the order is not necessary or appropriate.

Where Does This Hearing Occur?

For domestic violence injunctions in Tampa, hearings will occur in the Injunction for Protection Against Violence Program for Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida. Domestic violence injunction hearings also take place at the Plant City, Fl courthouse.

When are Final Injunctions Granted?

Should the court determine enough evidence that the petitioner has a valid concern, they may grant a final injunction. Your attorney will need to show proof that you are not a threat to the petitioner’s safety to avoid having a final injunction issued against you.

You have the right to legal representation in all court proceedings.

Penalties & Charges for Violating a Tampa Domestic Violence Injunction

Depending on the circumstances of your case, violating a Tampa Domestic Violence Injunction can result in heavy consequences.

Possible Charges

Under state law, violating a domestic violence injunction in Tampa is a misdemeanor. However, you could also be charged with aggravated stalking or other related crimes.


The penalty for a first-time violation of a protective order is up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. However, if you have a record of violating domestic violence injunctions, you may face harsher penalties

Follow All Orders & Avoid Prosecution

You must follow the orders as outlined in the domestic violence injunction to avoid prosecution. Do not try to contact the petitioner, and don’t respond even if the petitioner contacts you. Don’t risk your liberties. Get a criminal defense attorney to advocate for you in court.

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