Beyond a Reasonable Dog, Part II

Last week a Florida woman tried to have the police arrest her dog for causing her to wreck while intoxicated. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone try to blame their dog for drunk driving. But, unlike our last example, this driver is going to have a hard time pinning the crime on Fido. When the police found the driver at her apartment she spilled the beans.

Officers found Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood, who admitted she was driving when her vehicle struck the building, but she blamed the crash on her dog.

She said police should arrest the dog and added that she drove away because she had planned to pay for the damage.

Remember: to prove someone is guilty of a DUI, the prosecutor has to prove that the person was intoxicated and in control of a motor vehicle. By admitting to being the driver, she ensured the prosecutor has a very easy time proving that part of the case. If she had stayed silent, or had told them the dog was driving her home, the prosecutor’s case would have been harder to prove.