5 Signs the Insurance Company Is Lowballing You

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They will deny or delay personal injury claims whenever possible to pay as little as they can. When you have a claim, whether it’s for a car accident, a truck crash, or another personal injury, you need to identify the signs of when an insurance company is lowballing you to make sure you get what you deserve.

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Here are some indicators that the insurance company presented you with a lowball offer:

1. Their Settlement Offer Came Too Quickly

The insurance company might approach you soon after an accident with an offer. They might even come to your hospital room. They want to get you to sign away your rights fast before you fully understand all your losses.

Several thousand dollars can sound appealing, especially when you’re already missing work and saw your first hospital bill. However, you should never take a settlement offer before consulting an experienced personal injury attorney.

Your lawyer will consider all of your past and future damages before advising you if the insurance company’s offer is sufficient. Remember, you probably don’t know all your expenses until weeks or months after an accident.

2. They Don’t Consider All the Evidence

It takes time to gather all of the evidence necessary to prove who is at fault and how much money you need. If the insurance company tells you that it doesn’t matter who is at fault or that their offer will cover your expenses so far, don’t take it. Whenever the insurance company avoids acknowledging all of the evidence available, they are trying to get rid of a claim fast.

Your personal injury lawyer will spend time investigating the cause of your accident and precisely who is to blame. They will also gather all of your bills and determine precisely how much money you need to cover them. Make sure the insurance company considers all this before you accept their offer.

3. They Say Your Injuries Are Not Severe

One tactic the insurance company uses to reduce your settlement is to minimize your injuries. They will try to convince you that you won’t have future medical costs and other future expenses. They might even offer to pay your past medical bills in full. They will do anything they can to pay as little as possible.

It’s best to work with your doctors to determine how much future medical care you will need. That might mean months or years of ongoing care. Your attorney might need to hire an expert witness to determine the exact cost of all of your potential future medical expenses. It’s essential to get this part right, so you get enough money to pay for everything caused by the at-fault person.

4. They Blame You Fully or Partially

The insurance company might not want to admit that their insured is at fault. They might blame you for the entire accident to deny the claim. They could also partially blame you for avoiding some of the cost.

It’s essential to work with an attorney to prove what happened. Once you establish without a doubt that their insured is at fault, the insurance company will be forced to pay.

5. They Stop Communication With You

If you are demanding a significant amount, the insurance company or its representatives might avoid contacting you altogether. They might hope you just go away. Many people do that when the situation becomes stressful after an accident. However, if you work with an attorney, they can handle the legal issues for you.

If the insurance company refuses to negotiate, your attorney can easily file a personal injury lawsuit. This will show them that we mean business. Sometimes the insurance company just needs to see that we will not back down.

Contact Attorney Metcalf for Help

The insurance company will not make things easy for you. They will try to get rid of your claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Before you sign and accept some lowball amount that won’t cover all your losses, contact attorney Brett Metcalf.

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