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Brett is the best attorney I’ve ever had. I would recommend his services to anyone in need.
Pink Taylor

I Would Hire Him Again

“My son has been to prison once. He got out, and got right back into trouble with drugs, and also has two drunk driving charges, with a violation of probation. He originally had a public defender, who said he must go back to prison for five years. My son pleaded with me to get him a real lawyer, so I asked around in my circle of friends to see if anyone knew of a good criminal defense lawyer in Tampa.

I heard about Brett Metcalf, and I looked into hiring him. He allowed me to pay him in two payments. As soon as I made the first payment, he went to the jail to see my son.

My son had several misdemeanors, as well as a felony charge – in two separate jurisdictions. Brett was able to get everything handled in one courtroom, and negotiated with the State Prosecutors for a great plea bargain deal that included the all-so-important drug and alcohol treatment my son needed!

My son was released from jail, and got to go into an inpatient drug treatment program, instead of going back to prison for five years! He is currently in that program, and is doing wonderful!

This is not the first time I have hired a Tampa criminal defense attorney for my son. The last two lawyers I hired for him took our money, but never delivered the results they promised. One of these lawyers actually said, “your son needs to go to prison,” after he took nearly $5,000 of our money.

Brett kept both my son (who was in jail), and myself updated constantly throughout the entire Hillsborough County, Florida criminal court process.

As I said before, my son had criminal charges (misdemeanors) in Plant City, Florida Court, and felony charges in Tampa. Brett was able to get all charges heard by the felony court judge in Tampa! This alone saved my son months of unneeded jail time!

Both my son and I are extremely happy with Brett Metcalf, and his fees were reasonable as well.”

The Best Lawyer in Tampa Bay!!!

“Brett is an awesome attorney! Responsive, professional, and personable. He has handled two cases for us and has done an excellent job! Kudos to Brett!”

He Got the Best Possible Outcome

“Mr. Metcalf represented myself in a case where I faced charges that I shouldn’t have been faced with. Mr. Metcalf was extremely professional and exercised great diligence. In a time-sensitive case, he was able to execute at the highest level and produced the best possible outcome. I was never charged, and the State Attorney’s Office agreed with Mr. Metcalf, therefore nothing was ever filed. I would highly recommend Mr. Metcalf.”

I Needed an Attorney, But I Was 1,300 Miles Away

“Recently, my college student child needed a lawyer for a small legal matter. A fellow club member recommended Brett Metcalf. He set a goal for the case and quickly went to work. He attended several hearings and filed the necessary motions at a very reasonable fee. The case ended as we had hoped, and I can say with complete certainty, that we could not have chosen better representation.”

If I Could Give Brett Metcalf Six Stars, I Would.

“Brett Metcalf has 100% saved my life! I was arrested for a DUI one night in April. I recently moved to Tampa a few months before my arrest, where I was starting a new life for myself. I am 23, so this was a big deal for me leaving home to start a new adventure living here. I had fallen asleep at the wheel and was woken up by the police when they found me. Brett kept me informed, comforted me about the case when I was freaking out about what I was going to do with my life. I had my mind set on returning home to live back home with my parents.

Brett used a great strategy and ended up winning my case. He was very confident about my case and let me know. If it wasn’t for him and his words of encouragement, I could be sleeping on my parents’ couch with a DUI on my record and little chance of obtaining a career I would want. Not only did Brett win my case, but he got it completely dropped resulting in NO COURT FEES, NO COMMUNITY SERVICE, and the best part was it resulted in a NOLLE PROSEQUI. This means I had NO PROSECUTION.

Many DUI cases that end up not getting convicted end up as reckless driving, which I would have been happy with. But Brett went beyond my expectation getting me completely off the hook. I have so much gratitude for Brett. Exactly one day after I had found out the good news, I had landed my dream job in Tampa with a Top 10 company nationwide. I was worried about my background check though, because it takes the court system a few days to process the nolle prosequi, so I thought it would show up and I would lose the job. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine and (this is my favorite part about Brett) said he would write a letter to my recruiter explaining the details of the case and how everything unfolded.

The fact that he would go out of his way after he won the case just showed how much he really cares about his clients. Luckily nothing had come up on my background check, so I was able to start my dream job and begin to focus on my life in Tampa. So with that all being said, Brett has gotten my case dropped, which allowed me to land my dream job. Without him, I would be SLEEPING ON MY PARENTS’ COUCH with no idea what to do with my life in a cold northern city. Now I’m living the dream working harder than ever with a second chance at life in beautiful, sunny Florida. What else can I say? Brett saved my life, and I am forever grateful for him.”


“Excellent in his professional field. Very determined and very safe when making decisions for their clients. Very grateful to me and for giving me th assurance that everything would go well. 100% recommended.”

Thank You!!

“I contacted Brett Metcalf in regards to a legal issue I was having, and he represented my wife and I in an extremely courteous manner. He handled everything amazingly and represented us better than I have even seen on TV! He truly made a scary experience easy for us. Thank you!!!”

Satisfied Client

“Thank you for all your dedication and caring about your practice in your job. You believed in my son when nobody else would. It was a difficult road, but he made it because of you. Thank you again for saving my son’s life.”

All Ps Were Answered: Price, Performance, Professional & Punctual

Price, performance, professional, and punctual. Mr. Metcalf educated me on my options, and was able to reduce my charges!