Highly Recommend Working with Brett!

“I was facing a less than favorable case. I prefer not to get into the details. But I will say that I could have been easily convicted. It was not going in my favor by any stretch of the law. After working with Brett Metcalf… he was able to get my case dismissed. I am more than happy with the outcome, as I was facing a charge that I did not want to have to explain for the rest of my working career. Brett was very patient with me and kept my mind at ease throughout the process of many sleepless nights thinking about this case. I am so happy that this is all over with, and I would highly recommend working with him if you are facing any kind of prosecution. Before hiring him, I spoke to several other attorneys who were not as confident or reassuring of my case outcome. I would just like to say thank you for being patient with me and working with me throughout the process! I hope for my sake I never need to hire you again…but if I ever need another attorney you will be first on my list!”