Today in Stupid Laws

Ah America. Land of the free, home of the brave, and birthplace of incredibly stupid laws. Here’s three of the more stupid ones to rear their heads today:

Stacking Rocks is a Crime – Boulder, Colorado:

Police in the ironically named Colorado city of Boulder have been threatening a local artist to stop his devious acts against nature, in which he brazenly stacks rocks on top of each other. Think of the children! It’s hard to imagine that anyone could do something so heinous, even in a place where marijuana is legal.

St. Louis Tickets People for Having Toys in their Front Yard:

This city’s prescription for solving racial tensions after riot police stomped on protests with military-grade gear? “Let’s crack down on poor people for … stuff. You know, shake some change out of their pockets. Make up some arbitrary rules and then start writing fines.” This, um, well

Oklahoma Moves to Only Allow Religious Figures to Perform Marriages:

Godless atheists can no longer get married by a judge. In your face, First Amendment! Under the proposed law only clergy can perform marriages, which means the only way the unchurched can get legally married is through common law marriage. Here’s a message for Oklahoma: you know that “Congress shall make no law” part of the First Amendment? Not sure how to break this to you, but it applies to the states too.

Great job this week, everybody.