Teens Arrested Over Calling Cops – “Pigs”

A Tennessee teenager was arrested for driving by police officers conducting a traffic stop and squealing “PIGS!” His crime? Allegedly he didn’t roll down his window to taunt the cops, but instead opened his car door. He was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct for “creating a hazardous condition that served no legitimate purpose.” Since opening the door on a moving car creates a traffic hazard, some legal scholars believe the police had justification for the arrest. If he had simply rolled down his window he would legally be in the clear. Since this happened in Tennessee, we can probably assume the reason he opened his door is that his car windows were broken, or covered with duct tape and plastic.

This serves as an important reminder: yes, it is perfectly legal to insult police officers. But if you break any kind of law while doing so, no matter how small, expect the cops you just insulted to arrest you and charge you with that crime.