Holding Florida Nursing Homes Accountable

Nursing home injuries are a preventable and unfortunate result of negligent nursing homes. Every year more and more people are staying in nursing homes either after hospitalizations or to receive long-term care. While many of these facilities try to take care of their residents, unfortunately many do not, resulting in preventable injuries and sometimes even death.

How Can Nursing Home Residents and Their Families Hold Nursing Homes Accountable?

Fortunately Florida has a specific set of laws designed to protect nursing home residents. The “Resident Bill of Rights” applies to any nursing home resident in the state of Florida.

Florida Nursing Home Resident’s Rights:

  • The right to civil and religious liberties;
  • The right to private and uncensored communication;
  • The right to access to healthcare, social services, and legal services;
  • The right to present grievances to the nursing home administration or management;
  • The right to organize and participate in resident groups;
  • The right to see inspection reports of the nursing home;
  • The right to be adequately informed of his or her medical condition;
  • The right to adequate and appropriate healthcare;
  • The right to have privacy in treatment and in taking care of personal needs;
  • The right to be treated courteously, fairly, and with the fullest measure of dignity;
  • The right to be free from mental and physical abuse, corporal punishment, extended involuntary seclusion, and from unauthorized physical and chemical restraints;
  • The right to be transferred or discharged only for medical reasons or for the wellfare of other residents;
  • The right to choose a physician and pharmacy;
  • The right to retain and use personal clothing and possessions as space permits.

Any nursing home resident or their guardian, power-of-attorney, or the executor of the resident’s estate can bring a legal action against the nursing home for violation of these rights, or for any injuries caused by the nursing home.

If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home negligence or had their resident’s rights violated, please contact directly to learn more about how we can help you hold the nursing home accountable.