Expert Interview on ABC News: Cryotherapy Injury Lawsuit and Safety Concerns

People have hailed cryotherapy as a way to treat arthritis, sports injuries, stress, skin conditions, and more. Cryotherapy works by exposing the body to extremely low temperatures, around -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

A marathon runner thought she would try it out to quicken her recovery time. She did not expect to step out of the cryochamber with more injuries than she started with.

Brett Metcalf was interviewed on Tampa’s ABC Action News about the injuries the runner sustained while going in for a routine trip to the cryochamber. She had been in the chamber for about two minutes before she had to exit due to the a searing pain in her foot.

The skin on her foot had been burned off in the chamber from frostbite and she had to immediately go to her doctor and then the emergency room. She has had to pay over $1,000 in medical expenses from her injury.

Metcalf has approached the owner of the cryotherapy chamber, ProCryo, with her claim. They have not responded yet, but Metcalf cautioned this is not unheard of since this is a new claim and a new injury.

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