5 Questions to Ask Your Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

You’ve been charged with a crime. If you’re like most people in this position, you’re nervous. You are facing potential jail or prison time and fines. The good news is you have the option of working with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer.

But what should you expect in your first meeting with a lawyer? These initial meetings cover a lot of ground. And you must ask good questions to see whether you and the attorney are a good fit.

To help, we have compiled a list of five questions to ask your Tampa criminal defense attorney. Read on to learn more.

1. Will I Have to Go to Court?

This question shouldn’t be hard to remember. For most people who have been charged with a crime, this is their first concern. A good lawyer will give you an idea of whether you will go to court for the charge you are facing.

They will also give you an idea of which court you may need to go to. For example, when charged with a crime in Tampa, you may need to appear in the Robert D. Sumner Judicial Center in Dade City or the West Pasco Judicial Center in New Port Richey.

2. Do You Have Experience with Cases Like Mine?

Whether you were stopped for a DUI on Bruce Downs Boulevard or accused of shoplifting at Publix, your lawyer should know your type of case. They should be able to point to specific cases like yours that they have dealt with and won.

3. Will You Be Responsive to Me as a Client?

Here’s one of the first things you should understand: You and your lawyer will be talking a lot. You and your attorney will be in touch through meetings, hearings, negotiations, and a possible trial.

That means they need to be responsive to you. When you have a question or want an update, it shouldn’t be hard to reach them.

Sadly, some lawyers put a lot of space between themselves and their clients. They make them go through an assistant, leave messages, or send emails. That’s not good enough. A good lawyer will give you a direct line to reach them.

Ask your lawyer how you will be able to get in touch during your case.

4. Do I Have a Chance of Beating My Charge?

Even though you’re stressed, you need an honest answer to this question. You need to know what your options are. A good Tampa criminal defense lawyer will tell you the odds of beating your charge.

They will also give you an idea of your options. You might be able to arrange a plea deal for a reduced charge with the prosecutor. Or you might have a shot at lenient sentencing or even getting your charge dropped or dismissed. Whatever the case, ask your lawyer for an honest answer.

5. What Is Your Approach to Cases Like Mine?

The answer to this question can vary from lawyer to lawyer. There is no right or wrong answer but take some time to think about what you’re comfortable with.

For instance, do you want a lawyer who takes an aggressive approach and fights hard? Or do you want someone who has good relationships with prosecutors and might be able to get you a good deal?

There are a lot of ways a criminal defense attorney in Tampa might approach a case. Finding a lawyer whose approach works for you is key to reducing your stress throughout this process.

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In Tampa and Pasco County, you have many options when looking for a criminal defense lawyer. Hopefully, these questions will be a good start in narrowing your choices. Want to put these questions to the test? Give them a try on Metcalf Falls, Criminal Defense Attorneys, P.A.

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