The Consequences Of A Conviction

The Consequences Of A Conviction2019-04-01T17:33:58+00:00

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys | Avoiding a Criminal Conviction is Our Top Priority

No one wants to be convicted of a crime. What many people may not realize is the long-term consequences a criminal conviction can have on their career prospects. A criminal conviction can hurt your career and professional license. When our Tampa criminal defense lawyers represent a client, we always make sure that they understand the consequences a criminal conviction will have not only in the short-term, but for their long-term careers as well.


No criminal charge is minor. As a criminal defense law firm in Tampa, we never tell our clients to accept a conviction unless there are no other alternatives. If there are defenses to your criminal charge we will present the best case possible and work to have the case dismissed.


Many job applications today require a background check. Some employers even require a background check at least two years. No one wants a criminal conviction to follow them for the rest of their careers. That’s why our Tampa criminal lawyer’s top priority in your criminal case is avoiding a conviction.


A criminal conviction can impact people who are applying for a professional license, as well as those who are already licensed.


    A background check is part of nearly every application to get a professional license in Florida. If you are applying for a professional license, you know how important it is to protect your record. Certain types of criminal convictions can delay the approval of your application, or even block you from getting a license entirely.


    Many licensing boards and agencies require you to disclose a criminal conviction even if you already have a license. A conviction can lead to a board investigation, a license suspension, or the board could even take your license away. We know how important it is to keep a clean license record.

Every licensing board and agency in Florida treats criminal convictions differently. If you are hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa to handle a criminal charge, that lawyer better understand the impact your case can have on your professional license. We know the rules and we’re here to defend your profession.