Even after your criminal case resolves the Florida Board of Nursing can take action against your license. Many people believe that simply pleading “no contest” or making sure that they get a withhold of adjudication will protect their license. However the Florida Board of Nursing can impose a penalty even if you plead “no contest” or the judge withholds an adjudication of guilt.

This is why we make protecting your future and license our top priority in handling your criminal case. In order to protect your license and employment you should understand what the potential consequences of a criminal charge could be.

What penalties can the Nursing Board impose if I am charged with a crime?

The recommended minimum and maximum penalties that the Nursing Board can impose are different for each type of crime. Click on each description to find out more:

Crimes Relating to the Practice of Nursing or the Ability to Practice Nursing:

Crimes Relating to Any Forcible Felony:

Crimes Related to Robbery or Theft:

Crimes Relating to Fraud:

Crimes Relating to Lewdness or Indecent Exposure:

Crimes Relating to Assault, Battery, and Culpable Negligence:

Crimes Relating to Child Abuse:

Crimes Relating to Abuse, Exploitation, or Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult:

Crimes Relating to Domestic Violence:

Crimes Relating to Filing a False Report in the Capacity as a Licensed Nurse:

Crimes Relating to Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Controlled Substances:

Can the Nursing Board decide on a different penalty?

The Board can decide to reduce the penalty if a formal hearing is held, and the person facing discipline shows that mitigating factors exist. The Board can also decide to increase the penalty if there are aggravating factors. The Board can consider the following factors when deciding the penalty:

  1. The danger to the public.
  2. Previous disciplinary action against the licensee in this or any other jurisdiction.
  3. The length of time the licensee has practiced.
  4. The actual damage, physical or otherwise, caused by the violation.
  5. The deterrent effect of the penalty imposed.
  6. Any efforts at rehabilitation.
  7. Attempts by the licensee to correct or stop violations, or refusal by the licensee to correct or stop violations.
  8. Cost of treatment.
  9. Financial hardship.
  10. Cost of disciplinary proceedings.

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