My Take On Some Key Evidence Connecting Howell Donaldson To The Seminole Heights Murders.

Thus far, little evidence has been reported on the Seminole Heights murder charges against Howell Donaldson. I believe there are two key pieces of evidence that draw a compelling connection between Donaldson and the murders:

We've heard reports that the ammunition found in Donaldson's gun is of the same caliber and from the same manufacturer as the shell casings found at the murder scenes. I have learned that TPD did, in fact, conduct ballistics testing on Donaldson's firearm on the night of his arrest. The spent shell casings from TPD's testing match the spent shell casings found at the murder scenes.

We've also seen the sketch released by TPD and Donaldson's booking photo. The sketch artist received information from a witness or witnesses from the scene of the last murder. The accuracy of the sketch compared to Donaldson's booking photo tells me TPD has an excellent eyewitness to the last killing.