The Tampa Police Department Provides Vacation Watch Program Because Your "Vacay All Day" Instagram Posts May Tip Off Potential Burglar

by HD Staff

Tampa's Police Department is going to do you a solid while you're on vacation this summer.  Provide enough planning foresight to let the TPD know of your trip to a hopefully less-sweaty destination, and it seems they will increase their surveillance frequency. 

 Per the  Vacation Watch prefill form PDF ( link )

Per the Vacation Watch prefill form PDF (link)

Tips Before you go… 

  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery or have someone collect them from your mailbox and yard.

  • Use light timers so it appears that someone is home at night.

  • Lock all doors and windows. If vehicles are left behind, do not leave valuables in plain sight.

  • Yard maintenance. Have your lawn manicured so it does not look as though you are away.

Vacation Watch
Emergency Notification Form


[via] *Please be advised that this service is not a guarantee that your home will be safe from any type of crime or natural disaster. A zone officer will check your home if time permits on his/her tour of duty. If long term watches are requested, (over 2 weeks) The home will be checked at least once a week. * You may submit your Vacation Watch form by scanning and e-mailing it to, cc: or Fax to Tampa Police Communications Bureau at 813-231-6121 Please submit at least 4-5 business days before your departure if possible.