Insurance Claims

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Florida Insurance Claims Attorneys

You bought insurance to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from the unexpected. In a perfect world your insurance company would put your interests first. All too often insurance companies delay or deny claims to protect their bottom line. Now that you need help, the insurance company may ask you to do things or sign documents you didn’t agree to when you bought your insurance policy. Your insurance company may even refuse to help you if someone else claims you were negligent. Insurance claims and disputes can become a complicated and costly mess.


At Hillsborough Defense we have experience in dealing with insurance companies in both bad faith and insurance coverage disputes. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of policyholders when insurance companies don’t do the right thing. Contact us today for a free initial appointment so you can meet with our attorneys.

What should you bring to your initial appointment?

  • A copy of your insurance policy
  • Any letters or documents you received from your insurance company
  • Any other documents you think are important, such as photographs, medical records, etc.

You shouldn’t have to go up against insurance companies by yourself. At Hillsborough Defense we will deal with the insurance companies and make sure you get the best recovery possible.