If you have been arrested or are accused of a crime it can have severe consequences on your pharmacy license. As your attorneys, our top priority is protecting your future, and that includes taking pharmacy license consequences into consideration when advising you about your case. Contact us today to let us start working for the best result possible in your case.

Criminal charges and convictions can affect you if you are applying for a pharmacy license, and if you already hold a license to practice pharmacy. Read more to find out what the adverse consequences can be.

If you are applying for a pharmacy license:

The Florida Board of Pharmacy requires anyone applying for a licence to disclose any criminal convictions. Minor traffic offenses that are not drug or alcohol related, like traffic tickets, are the only exception to this rule. Any conviction for DUI, reckless driving, or driving while your license is suspended or revoked are not considered minor traffic offenses and must be reported.

What if I wasn’t found guilty but I pleaded “no contest?”

You still have to report your criminal record on your application to the Board. The application requires anyone who has been found guilty or who has pleaded “no contest” to a crime to disclose their criminal history.

Do I need to submit additional documents with my application?

If you list a criminal conviction on your application, you may need to submit additional documentation along with your application. This can include copies of the final disposition of your case, a record of completing probation or parole, a letter explaining the circumstances of the offense, as well as letters of recommendation from coworkers or employers.

What crimes would prevent me from getting a license?

The Board of Pharmacy says on their website that all applications are reviewed on a “case-by-case” basis. However crimes that relate to the practice of pharmacy, such as forging a prescription, will automatically prevent you from getting a pharmacy license.

What if I already have a license?

The Board of Pharmacy can take disciplinary action if you are convicted of, or plead no contest to, “a crime which directly relates to the ability to practice pharmacy or to the practice of pharmacy.” This would include anything like forging a prescription, drug possession, or anything involving the possession or sale of controlled substances of legend drugs.

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