Hillsborough Defense’s Brett Metcalf was a child of divorce, but raised in an amicable environment oscillating between Carrollwood and South Tampa of his respective divorced parents. Currently, he reflects fondly of his split-home childhood - grateful for proactive parents to reduce stress.

One of the most common and telling reasons children fail to develop or progress in school is due to tension at home. growing up. The newly divorced can focus on what is best for the family. Pettiness creates more obstacles. More obstacles in a Traditional Divorce = more money to attorneys. Family Law is an expanding, billion dollar cottage industry.

70% of Americans studied said that financial problems are the primary factor for their divorce…and these financial woes are before contacting an attorney…

Brett Metcalf knows services, like Collaborative Divorce, are unconventional for a law firm. After all, law firms are a business. The longer the spouses fight, the more attorneys’ fees add up.

Hillsborough Defense values morality over profits.