DUI School in Florida

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Getting A DUI In Florida Can Be A Serious Matter. There Are A Number Of Reasons Why You Would Be Ordered To Attend DUI School. These Classes Are Taught By State Of Florida Certified DUI Level Instructors.

What is a DUI?

In Order To Be Charged With A DUI In Florida, The Prosecutor Must Prove That You Were In Control Of A Vehicle While With A Blood Alcohol Level Greater Than .08 Or That You Were Impaired By Alcohol Or A Controlled Substance.

DUI Classes Are Required In Florida After Being Convicted Of A DUI. The Bureau Of Motorist Compliance And DUI Programs Oversee 26 Programs In The State Of Florida. DUI Counterattack, Hillsborough, Inc. Is The Designated School For Those Individuals Convicted Of Driving Under The Influence And Live, Work, Or Attend School In Hillsborough County. There Are Two Different Levels Of DUI Classification And Different Classes For Each Level:

  • Level 1 – First Offender

    This Is A Class For First Offenders Only. The Offender Must Have Been Arrested For Only One DUI, Or One DUI Amended To Reckless Driving. This Class Has A Minimum 12 Hours Of Instruction. It Costs $263.

  • Level II – Multiple Offenders

    This Class Has A Minimum 21 Hours Of Classroom Instruction. This Course Focuses On The Problems Of The Repeat Offender And Treatment Readiness. The Cost For The Course Is $408.

Courses May Be Offered In A Structured Environment Or Online, Based On Availability. Courses Are Also Available In Spanish, During The Evenings And On Weekends, And Are Located In Tampa And Brandon.

Requirements for DUI classes are:

  • The Arrest Affidavit Or Police Arrest Report
  • Arrest Citation Copy
  • Breath, Blood Or Urine Test Results
  • Lifetime Driving Records
  • Any Pertinent Information From The Court Like Court Date, Probation Information, Your Deposition

DUI Associated Fees Vary Based On The Level Of The Offense.

Making Sure You Have The Right Legal Representation When Going Before A Judge For A DUI Is Key. You May Be Able To Get Your Charge Lessened Or Thrown Out, Especially If You Were Unlawfully Pulled Over. Every Case Is Subject To Interpretation. Do Not Leave Your Fate To Chance. Contact Hillsborough Defense Today.