You’ve worked hard to get your nursing degree. You’ve put in hundreds of hours in class, labs, clinicals, and studying. All this work to achieve your goal of becoming a licensed nurse. But a criminal conviction can hurt your ability to get a nursing license in Florida. When we represent nursing professionals or people in nursing school, protecting their ability to practice is our top priority.

If you are already a licensed nurse, click here to learn more about how a criminal conviction can hurt your license.

What should I do if I am currently facing criminal charges?

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    Does the Florida Board of Nursing require me to disclose criminal convictions?

    The Florida Board of Nursing requires anyone applying for a nursing licence to disclose any criminal convictions. Minor traffic offenses, like traffic tickets, are the only exception to this rule. Any conviction for DUI, reckless driving, or driving while your license is suspended or revoked are not considered minor traffic offenses and must be reported.

    The Florida Board of Nursing’s Requirements can be found here.

    What if I wasn’t found guilty but I pleaded “no contest?”

    You still have to report your criminal record on your application to the Board. The application requires anyone who has been found guilty or who has pleaded “no contest” to a crime to disclose their criminal history.

    If I don’t tell them about my criminal history will they find it anyway?

    Yes. Every applicant must also submit their fingerprints through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This means that even if you don’t list any criminal history on your application the Board will still run your fingerprints as well as a background check. Because your criminal record is a public record, the Board will see it.

    Will I have to apply for clearance to the Board?

    It depends. The Board has its own set of guidelines for determining whether or not an applicant will have to apply to the Board for clearance. One-time misdemeanor and certain felony crimes do not require a Board application, but any repeat offender must apply for clearance.

    Do I need to submit additional documents with my application?

    If you list a criminal conviction on your application, you may need to submit additional documentation along with your application. This can include copies of the final disposition of your case, a record of completing probation or parole, a letter explaining the circumstances of the offense, as well as letters of recommendation from coworkers or employers. An attorney can assist you with this process of getting court records for your application.

    What crimes would prevent me from getting a license?

    Any crime relating to welfare fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, prescription drug fraud, economic fraud, as well as selling or possessing of a controlled substance can prevent you from getting a nursing licence.

    Can I get a criminal record sealed or expunged?

    To learn more about the process for sealing or expunging a criminal record please read our guide to the process:

     Guide to Sealing or Expunging Criminal Records